Boasting over 2.7 million monthly users, Facebook has made itself into one of the world’s biggest social media platforms. The old and the young use Facebook, and it is easier to find who does than find someone who does not use this social media platform.

This, of course, comes with its many disadvantages. Several contents on the platform could influence children negatively. It has also become a tool used by individuals to perpetrate evil. That is why it has become important to learn how to hack a Facebook account on a mobile phone.

With the increasing popularity of hacking networks, the Facebook mobile hack has become easier than ever. No matter how strong the password of a Facebook account is, with just an app, you can gain access to a person’s Facebook account. It could even be used to regain your own hacked Facebook account.

You might want to learn how to hack an FB account with an Android or iPhone to monitor your child’s activities on the platform or even see who your partner has been talking to. We are not judging, here’s why we are showing you how to hack FB password on mobile.

How the FB Mobile Hack Works?

facebook hacking

The most popular way to hack a Facebook account with a mobile phone is through manipulating the SS7 network. The SS7 network is a series of computer protocols that make mobile devices possible to share information, such as making calls and receiving messages. With this loophole, it has become relatively easy to hack a FB account from mobile.

However, when hackers manipulate the SS7 network, all they need is your mobile number, and with this, they can gain access to your Facebook account. The SS7 trusts whatever text message is sent over it and gives no regard to the origin. This way, when the hacker initializes the snooping, your text messages go to them.

After this is done, all they have to do is go to your Facebook account, click on the “Forgot Password” option, and get your new password on their own phones.

How to Hack FB Account With Android Phone?

android facebook hack

Wondering how to hack FB ID from mobile? One of the most popular ways to hack FB ID is by using spy apps. These apps are a mobile app that works on Android and iPhone and can be used to get someone’s Facebook password. With this app, you can view the Facebook password of your target and see other important information on their phone. 

Here’s how to hack Facebook ID by mobile through any spy app:

Step 1. The first step is to determine the model and make of the phone the target is using. If it is an Android phone, you have to gain access to the phone and install the spy app on it. You don’t have to worry about the person finding it on their phone as it works in stealth mode. However, if the person is using an iPhone, all you have to do is get their iCloud login details.

Step 2. After you have confirmed the make and model of the phone, the next thing is to create an account with a spy app you chose, and then select the operating system of the phone of your target.

Step 3. Almost all spy apps are not free; hence you have to select a subscription plan and make payment. After doing this, you will be sent all the necessary login details, setup guidelines, and a link for download. This link is the installation link on the target’s Android phone.

Step 4. If you target an Android phone, you will install a spy app on the phone and then activate it to run in stealth mode. After this, you can go back to your account on your own phone.

Step 5. If you target an iPhone, all you have to do is verify the iCloud details of the device you need to get hacked.

Step 6. To get the Facebook password of your target, find the keylogger option on your dashboard, and then find the Facebook icon. When you click on this, you will see every single thing your target types while on Facebook. Find the username and password, and you are good to go!


Now that you know how to hack FB password using mobile, you stand a higher chance of knowing that secret you have been itching to know. Have you been suspecting your partner or your child of abnormal behavior? Have you wondered how to hack a Facebook account on an Android or iPhone? Here is your chance to gain access to their Facebook account and get all the information you need.